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Try scuba diving in Calvi with Plongée Castille !

Discover the underwater fauna and flora thanks to equipment that allows you to breathe underwater and live a unique experience in Calvi. Indeed, the bay of Calvi offers ideal conditions for beginners: protected dive sites and clear and fishy bottoms.

Let me explain to you what a first dive is. Guaranteed sensations! Imagine: breathe underwater, get closer to underwater species and discover the sensation of flying under the sea. Ideal for all ages, to share with family, friends or even solo, scuba diving offers unique sensations and a memorable memory!

Scuba diving provides a very unique feeling and will create great memories for kids and adults, wether you are diving with your family, friends or as a solo traveler.

I am answering your questions below :


For who ?

Everyone ! from 8 to 80 years old, as long as health permits. You do not need a medical certificate or know how to swim. Alone with the instructor, he will adapt the depth according to the ease, the age and apprehensions of of each.

You can read about the contraindications here.

What depth?

The maximum depth for a first dive is 6 meters, from 14 years old. (2 meters for 8-10 year olds / 3 meters for 10-14 year olds) However, there is no obligation of depth and the monitor adapts to each person. If you don't feel like going so deep, you don't have to: you'll have the same sensations!

How long ?

The whole activity is 2 hours (equipment, briefing, boat until the dive site)

Under the water, it will depend of the option you've chosen. The classic first dive lasts 20 minutes. The « deluxe » discover lasts 30 minutes.

We stay 1 hour on the dive site. When you are not underwater with your instructor, snorkels will be available for snorkeling along the coast nearby. Vous will also be able to observe the divers who will be at the bottom !

What framework ?

Alone with the instructor, he will take care of only you. He will start with a short briefing to explain the course of the dive, and then he will be alone with you underwater. It is ideal for beginners. If you have apprehensions, the instructor will take time on the surface before descending slowly. He can adapt the support, the depth, the pedagogy to everyone!

If you feel super confortable, the instructor can decide to let you swim by yourself without holding you :)

What equipment ?

The first step is to put on the wetsuit! Depending on the water temperature, you may be given a hood, slippers and gloves. Then we will choose a mask adapted to your face and fins to your size. The instructors will have prepared the specific diving equipment :

- The tank : it is our air reserve for diving.

- The jacket : it slips on like a backpack. It allows you to float on the surface by inflating it and to descend by deflating it.

- The regulator : It is placed in the mouth to breathe underwater.

Each element is adapted to the morphology of each one.

How is the session going ?

We first welcome you aboard the large boat that serves as a base: the "Thalassa" located in the peer of Calvi. You will find a locker room on board to try out your equipment and then you will embark on one of our semi-rigid boats.

And off you go for a boat trip during which the instructor will give you all the explanations necessary for the smooth running of the first dive: the diving equipment, the signs to communicate underwater, the ways of managing the ears during the descent, species likely to be encountered, etc.

Arrival at the dive site, the long-awaited moment will finally come! And here we go for a moment of happiness in the world of silence. Enjoy it, it always goes too fast! On your return, you can shower (hot shower I would like to specify) and change before collecting your pretty well-deserved baptism diploma, which will perfectly fit to your fridge (and will make it possible to impress some). You will also be welcome on our roof top to have a coffee or tea, chill and talk with the other divers.

What do we see ?

Fish ! Of course, but not only. You will easily see castagnoles, girelles, sars and saupes every time. Expect to see sea urchins and starfish.

The rocks are colonized by orange, black and gray sponges or by anemones. A moray eel, a tooth, an octopus or a scorpionfish can also cross your way. But don’t forget that each dive has its share of surprises, you never know what you will stumble upon. And for those who ask themselves the question: no, we do not see sharks (unfortunately ...).

And After ?

Did you like the first dive and you don't want to stop there? Good news! We offer several options depending on the time you have and your budget.

For the second dive, it is possible to be immersed with several divers accompanied by the instructor:an opportunity to share the experience with members of your family or friends. This will last about forty minutes and, depending on your ease, you can go down slightly deeper

Pe12 (french school) / Scuba diver (SSI or PADI) : Much more complete than a first dive, this first give access to a certification. This course includes 3 training and exploration dives. A few exercises will be required to acquire more and more autonomy and ease. You will receive a diploma that will allow you to dive up to 12 meters.

Level 1 (french scool) / Open Water (SSI or PADI) : this training will allow you to gradually go down to 20 meters! It has 5 training and exploration dives (6 for SSI and PADI). You will receive a world-renowned certification to continue your underwater explorations!

I hope this article answered your questions but mostly made you want to try diving !

You can book online, by phone - 06 07 89 77 63 - or by email -

See you soon !

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