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Dive sites in Calvi

The bay of Calvi, with its clear and fishy waters, is the delight of divers, beginners and confirmed. Little navigation will be required to reach our most beautiful dive sites. Wrecks, dry, drop-offs, marine reserve edge and other possibilities rank them among the most beautiful dives in Corsica.

A little preview of what to expect

  • La Revelatta

  • The wreck of the B17 : here

  • Le Sec des Belges

  • La pointe Saint François

  • La Bibliothèque (The library)

  • Le Sec du clocher

  • Le Sec du congre

  • La Punta Bianca

La Revelatta

The most visited site of the bay, this dive is located on the edge of the marine reserve. Exceptional site by its beauty, on the water as under the sea, we dive there as in an aquarium. Accessible to all levels, a magnificent underwater island is drawn from 10 to more than 40 meters, where we walk along beautiful drop-offs and cross some canyons.

This is a huge dive site : you can go 10 times without going the same way.

Le Sec des Belges (The Belgian Rock)

It owes its name to the Belgian marine research institute located on the coast. In diving, a sec is a rock that rises close to the surface without piercing it. The perfect site for first dives and beginners. Sheltered by the coast, an aquarium under the boat, tongues of rocks that descend beyond 30 meters for the most qualified, everyone will be satisfied by this site. It will also be an ideal place to practice the snorkel and your fins.

La Pointe Saint François

The statue before to go underwater

A first dive on this site will delight novices. For more experienced divers can descend for a pilgrimage to the statue of the Virgin Mary placed at a depth of 24 meters. This site near the coast with a nice view of the citadel is ideal for snorkeling. Underwater, rocky scree alternates with the beds of posidonia descending on a gentle slope. Particularity of this site: many small tunnels will enhance your underwater walk. One of the few places where you can observe octopus. Many scorpionfish, capons, hermit crab and other crustaceans lived on these bottoms.

La bibliothèque (The library)

Its name is explained by the shape of the rocks on the surface. It could be compared to huge books tidy in their shelves. Underwater, it is also rocks that we will observe, but full of cavities. A route embellished with passages, tunnels, caves, air bubbles awaits us, descending up to 24 meters.

Le sec du clocher

Reserved for experienced divers, this sec is located in the middle of the bay of Calvi, far from the coast. It will be necessary to descend in the blue to see the top of the rock at 27 meters. This site impresses with its relief and its fixed fauna. On the sand bottom stand rocks lined with gorgonians where flabellines and giant slugs live. We do not tell you more, you have to go and see to understand !

Le sec du congre

Closer to the coast, this immersion will take you around a rock submerged by 22 meters up to about 40 meters. To anticipate your question : if you are lucky yes we can see congresses. Apart from them, mostelles, corbs, capons will come to animate your dive.

La Punta Bianca

A denté swimming around

Site furthest from the port of Calvi, 20 minutes of navigation will take you to this peaceful place surrounded by a nice décor, on the surface as in the water. For all levels, this site has a particularity: its drop-offs. Beautiful walls will make you dizzy. The beautiful visibility will make you feel like you are flying. You can see toothed, groupers, sars and so on.

After this quick presentation, there is one last thing to say : Come and see yourself !

For a try dive, a fun dive, a course, a snorkeling trip, contact us to book by phone - 06 07 89 77 63 - or by email -

See you soon :)

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